Please click on a thumbnail to view a full-sized version. Please excuse the poor quality, it is due to JPEG compression. As you can see, nothing is perfect, but these are just here to give an impression of the advanced features of the program. Please note that these were created with the old (Objective C) version. The board shown was designed completely in Lasagne, no netlist was used. It works (though it does have a few non-cricital "bugs").

thumbnailThis is a 3D view of an entire 6"x10" four-layer board.
thumbnailClose-up of a 0.8mm-pitch BGA, with the top layer selected.
thumbnailSame detail as above, with the third layer down selected.
thumbnailConnection tracing: the connected lines, via, and pads are highlighted. Note the pad number displayed in the bottom left corner -- sorry the mouse isn't in the picture.
thumbnail2D view, top layer selected. Again, the pad name is in the bottom left corner, note the proper BGA naming scheme.